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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peraduan Kawan Food 2013: "Jalan-Jalan Cari Kawan 2013"

Contest period:   13 April - 15 Jun 2013

Grand prize: RM10,000 cash
2nd prize: RM6,000 cash
3rd prize: RM3,000 cash

TonyRoma's Mother's Day Contest

Contest period:   5 Apr - 5 May 2013

Lunch Party worth RM1,000 on Mother's Day (12 May)

Hyundai Malaysia "One For Me, One For Mom" Contest

Contest period:   20 Apr - 31 May 2013

Grand prize: Hyundai Veloster 1.6 Standard
1st prize: Hyundai-Inokom i10 1.1 Colourz
Weekly prize x 6: 6D4N trip to Korea for 2 adults and 2 children

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peraduan WorldCard 2013: "I Am A Savvy Socialista" Contest

Contest period:   14 Apr - 5 May 2013


Top prize x 3:
Trendy Tablet bag
RM200 SenHeng cash voucher

Best photo x 2:
Trendy Tablet bag

Consolation prize x 70:
2D1N Complimentary stay at Resort World Genting (8 Jun 2013)

Peraduan McDonald's Malaysia 2013: 1.5 Million Fans Celebration Contest

Contest period:   15 Apr - 12 May 2013

Every 50th Thank You message shared:
limited edition McDonald's Food Magnet
McDonald's Shake thumb drive (2GB)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Peraduan Perodua 2013: Revive Your Drive

Perbaharui Perodua anda dengan hadiah berjumlah sehingga RM240,000!

Kereta berusia 3 tahun atau ke bawahPembaharuan bernilai RM5,000
Kereta berusia 3 tahun atau ke bawah, dengan perbelanjaan minimum di Pusat Servis Perodua bernilai RM250*
(Tidak sah untuk penyertaan secara 'online')
Pembaharuan bernilai RM15,000
Kereta berusia melebihi 3 tahunUbah suai bernilai RM5,000
Kereta berusia melebihi 3 tahun, dengan perbelanjaan minimum di Pusat Servis Perodua bernilai RM250*
(Tidak sah untuk penyertaan secara 'online')
Ubah suai bernilai RM15,000

Peraduan Pizza Hut 2013: Double Sensation Spend & Win Contest

Contest period:   18 Apr - 31 May 2013


Grand prize: 7D6N Double Holiday Sensation fworth RM15,000
1st prize x 5: Samsung Galaxy SIII Smartphone
2nd prize x 10: Apple iPad Mini
Consolation prize x 20: Pizza Hut voucher worth RM200

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Peraduan The Star "Timeless Moment" Mother's Day

Contest period:   14 Apr - 3 May 2013


Grand prize:
Pangkor Laut 3D/2N worth RM5,000 for 2 persons
Tissot T-12 worth RM8,250
Habib Jewellery worth RM10,000

1st prize:
Majestic Hotel 3D/2N worth RM2,300 for 2 persons
Tissot Generosi-T worth RM5,450
Habib Jewellery worth RM7,000

Peraduan Canon 2013: Canon PowerShot N Photo Contest

Contest period:   till 15 Jun 2013

Grand prize:
PowerShot N
Canon's Exclusive Camera Jacket
Shoulder Strap

Monday, April 15, 2013

Popular "Spend & Win" 1 Malaysia Book Voucher Contest

Contest period:   1 April - 31 May 2013 (3rd & 4th Round)

Grand prize:
Apple Macbook Pro 15"
Apple iPhone 5 32GB
Monthly prize:
1st prize: Samsung Galaxy Note II
2nd prize: Samsung Galaxy SIII
3rd prize x 3: iPad with Retina Display 16GB
Bonus prize (top 100 referred friends): RM25 Popular gift voucher

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peraduan Fiffy Baby 2013

Contest Period: 1/4/2013 to 31/5/2013 

How To Participate:

With every purchase of RM30 at our boutique, you could participate to Fiffy Calendar Baby Contest and have a chance to take photo in our designated studio and get a free 5R photo to participate the contest.

Let your baby have a chance becomes Fiffy calendar and advertisement ambassador!

Peraduan Peluang Keemasan 2 Nestle

Tempoh Peraduan:   1 Apr - 30 Jun 2013


Hadiah Utama: Nissan Almera 1.5L E M/T Sedan OTR
Hadiah Pertama x 2: RM18,888 Tunai
Hadiah Kedua x 2: RM12,888 Tunai
Hadiah Ketiga x 20: Sony Notebook VAIO E Series 14"
Hadiah Mingguan:
Minggu (1 - 7) x 7: Panasonic Viera 32 LCD TV
Minggu (8 - 13) x 6: Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (10.1 16GB)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peraduan Ironman 3 2013

ntv7 Iron Man 3 SMS Contest
·       Contest duration is from: 8 April – 21 April.
·       Players key in IM7 and send to 33399 to participate in contest.
·       Players are required to register their name and IC no prior to start of contest.
·       Upon successful registration, players will obtain 5 questions based on the movie.
·       Players who answer each question correctly will be awarded 5 points.

Peraduan Oldtown White Coffee 2013: Fast & Furious 6 Photo Contest

Contest period:  8 Apr - 5 May 2013


Grand prize: 3D2N for 2 to Manila, Philippines to watch the Asian Premiere of Fast & Furious 6 on 15 May 2013.
Runner Up x 5: 2 movie voucher for Fast & Furious 6 @ GSC Cinemas.
Consolation prize x 20: 1 pair complimentary voucher open to any asterisk movies at GSC cinemas.

Peraduan PIRQ 2013: PIRQ Up Your Life Sweeptakes Contes

Contest period:   9 Apr - 30 Apr 2013


- iPod Nano
- Starbucks voucher worth RM200
- iPod Shuffle
- PIRQ voucher worth RM100

How to participate:

1. Like PIRQ's Facebook fanpage.
2. Tell us how PIRQ make our lives amazing.
3. Invite more friends and gain extra points.

Visit PIRQ Facebook fan page for more details.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peraduan Snickers 2013: Hungry for Snickers Contest

Contest period:   8 Mar - 31 May 2013

Grand prize x 8: Samsung Galaxy Note II

How to participate:
1. Purchase Snickers packs with the unique code, available in 35g and 55g multipacks and FUN Size chocolate packs.
2. Check out your unique code by peeling back here.
3. Submit the unique code online at Snickers Malaysia Facebook fan page.
4. Every 100th submission will get a chance to enter a slogan. 8 most creative slogans win.

Peraduan Guardian 2013: Customers Choice Award

Contest period:  1 Apr - 29 Apr 2013

Bonus Prize x 1: Honda CR-Z Hybrid 1.5L (AT)
Grand prize x 1: RM10,000 Guardian voucher + 3D2N Holiday SPA x 2
1st prize x 2: RM5,000 Guardian voucher
2nd prize x 3: RM1,000 Guardian voucher
3rd prize x 3: RM500 Guardian voucher
Consolation prize x 50: RM50 Guardian voucher

Peraduan American Express 2013: Win a Brand New A250 Mercedes Benz & Daily iPad mini Contest

Contest period:   1 Apr - 30 Jun 2013


Grand Prize: Brand New A250 Mercedes Benz.

Daily Prize: iPad Mini

Peraduan Kleenx 2013: Share The Softness with Kleenex Natural Contest

Contest period:   4 Mar - 28 Apr 2013


Weekly prize x 3: Cucumber-inspired spa package for 2 worth RM500 + a Kleenex Party* for 50 friends

Daily prize x (first 100 participants for each day): New Kleenex Natural 50s
* winner required to propose a location for the organizer to distribute Kleenex Natural Soft Pack to between 50-100 individuals.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shell Rimula "Win The Ride Of Your Life" Contest

Contest period:   1 Apr - 30 Jun 2013

Grand prize x 6:
All Expense VIP Trip To Czech Republic
Ride Next To A Championship Driver At Autodrom Most Circuit

2nd prize x 4: All Expense VIP Trip To Czech Republic

Peraduan IKEA 2013: IKEA KNAPPA Snap & Win Contest

Contest period:   1 Apr - 21 Apr 2013

Weekly prize x 40: IKEA KNAPPA Camera

How to participate:

Week 1 (1 - 7 Apr): #IKEAMYstore
Snap pictures of yourselves, your favorite showroom setting, your favorite piece of IKEA furniture or any of your interesting moments in the IKEA store.

Peraduan KFH 2013:I Love KFH Online Gold Photo Contest

Contest period:   20 Mar - 14 May 2013

Photo Contest:
50 entry: 10x RM20 Tesco vouchers
100 entry: 20x RM20 Aeon Jusco voucher
500 entry: 10x RM50 Petronas Reloadable gift card
1,000 entry: 2x RM200 cash
2,500 entry: 12x 2GB iPod Shuffle
5,000 entry: 4x 16GB iPod Touch (4th Generation)
10,000 entry: 5x RM500 cash
25,000 entry: 2x 32GB the new iPad (4th Generation)
Grand prize (40,000 entry): 1x MackBook Pro 15'
Grand prize (50,000 entry): 1x RM10,000 cash

Mini Game Contest (Hatch the Golden Egg Mini Game Contest):
1st month: 16GB iPad Mini
2nd month: 16GB iPad Mini