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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Peraduan KFH 2013:I Love KFH Online Gold Photo Contest

Contest period:   20 Mar - 14 May 2013

Photo Contest:
50 entry: 10x RM20 Tesco vouchers
100 entry: 20x RM20 Aeon Jusco voucher
500 entry: 10x RM50 Petronas Reloadable gift card
1,000 entry: 2x RM200 cash
2,500 entry: 12x 2GB iPod Shuffle
5,000 entry: 4x 16GB iPod Touch (4th Generation)
10,000 entry: 5x RM500 cash
25,000 entry: 2x 32GB the new iPad (4th Generation)
Grand prize (40,000 entry): 1x MackBook Pro 15'
Grand prize (50,000 entry): 1x RM10,000 cash

Mini Game Contest (Hatch the Golden Egg Mini Game Contest):
1st month: 16GB iPad Mini
2nd month: 16GB iPad Mini

How to participate:

1. Photo Contest:
 - Pick a category & upload your photo
 - Take a photo of yourself with the message "I love Gold #KFHonline"
 - Submit online.

2. Mini Game:
 - Guess which of the golden eggs are about the hatch.

Visit KFH Online website for more details.