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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peraduan Dutch Lady 2014

Contest Period: 13 January 2014 to 28 February 2014


Early Bird Prize x 1,000: One RM50 Giant voucher each.

First Prize x 9: An advertisement appearance in a Dutch Lady advertisement with child celebrity, Mia Sara.

Grand Prize x 1: A special appearance in a Dutch Lady television commercial with child celebrity, Mia Sara.

How To Participate:

a. SMS
i. Type: DLGUM<space>Parent’s name<space>Parent’s NRIC (12 digit) <space>’Mak Kata’ quote and send to 63660.
ii. Participants will be charged RM0.00 for each SMS received but the standard SMS fee charged by the participant’s mobile phone operator applies. The Organiser shall not reimburse for any charges incurred.
iii. For entry via SMS, Participants are permitted to submit via the use of mobile phones only.

b. Online
i. Log in to
ii. Complete the online entry form with a ‘Mak Kata’ quote and submit your entry.
c. The ‘Mak Kata’ quote shall not exceed one hundred and fifty (150) characters. Entries that are longer than the specified length will be automatically disqualified.
d. The quote can be in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese or Tamil language.
e. Each entry must be based on one child only. In the event the participant has more than one child, the participant is allowed to submit another entry but each entry must be in reference to one child only.
f. The child must be a Malaysian citizen and must be within 1 to 7 years of age as at 13 January 2014 to enter this Contest.
g. Each day during the Contest Period, the contest begins at 12.00am and ends at 11.59pm.

Visit contest website for more info.

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