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Monday, October 26, 2015

Peraduan Dutch Lady & Giant 2015

Contest period:  1 Sept - 31 Oct 2015

  • Grand prize x 1 winner : Perodua Axia 1.0
  • Bonus Prize x 10 winners : Suzuki Nex each
  • Weekly Prize #1 x 9 winners : iPad mini 3 each
  • Weekly Prize #2 x 45 winners : RM300 worth of Giant vouchers each
How to participate:
  1. Purchase a minimum of RM30 worth of any participating Dutch Lady product in a single receipt from any participating Giant Hypermarket or G-Express outlets.
  2. Answer 1 question: "Hadiah Utama Peraduan ini adalah sebuah Perodua Axia 1.0. Betul/Salah"
  3. Type (DLGIANT)<space>(receipt date DDMMYY)<space>(12-digit MyKad)<space>(answer)<space>(name) and SMS to 32632.

    e.g. DLGIANT 1010 98765 RM35.50 030915 860606145566 Betul Siti Nordin
  4. Keep the official receipt as proof of purchase. Photocopy of receipt or reprinted receipt is not accepted.

View "Win Your Wish" Contest's terms & conditions for more details.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, so, I'm planning to go to Vans Warped Tour this year in Scranton, PA. But here's the problem: It's my first time going. Ever.
    So I'd really appreciate it if you'd answer some questions about it for me.

    1. About what time does it usually start and end? How early should me and my friends get there?
    2. Should I pack a bag? If so, what should be in it?
    3. I hate scene kids. Are there going to be alot of them there?
    4. Is there drug and alcohol going around? Is it easy to get around them & does it interact with your enjoyment of the tour?
    5. Where can I find the schedule for the times that the bands are playing?
    6. Where can I find the schedule for the times that the bands are signing stuff?
    7. What kind of free merchandise are the tents handing out?
    8. What's usual age of the people there?
    9. I'm 14. Will people make fun of my age there?
    10. I've been to concerts with a few mosh pits in them, but I've NEVER joined one. Are there going to be alot of them? It doesn't bother me. Who knows, I might even join one(:
    11. Are there like, muggers or rapists going around? Lol, I'm serious though.
    12. Is it fun and worth going to?
    13. Should I wear makeup to it?
    14. How many people should I go with to Warped Tour?
    15. What is the "Reverse Daycare"? Just curious.
    16. Exactly how much money should I bring, and where should I store it?

    Thanks! Sorry there's so much questions..
    I can't wait for Warped Tour, hope to see you there! :D