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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Peraduan Bank Islam & Harimau Malaya Facebook 2013/2014

Contest Period: 1 Oct - 1 Mar 2014


Monthly Winners: 5 x iPad Mini 

How To Participate:
  • Participants have to ‘LIKE’ in order to participate in this contest and register their Name, NRIC, Email Address and Mobile Number.
  • Participants are required to answer two qualifying questions before proceeding with the game ‘Head Balancing Ball’. Each point/score obtained by Bank Islam Debit Card-i Team Harimau Cardmembers, will automatically be doubled (2 x). Participant shall be automatically disqualified if found to have given a false statement claiming that he/she is a Bank Islam Debit Card-i Team Harimau Cardmember.
  • Five (5) monthly winners will be selected based on the Top Scorer of the month.
  • Participants are required to read and understand the Terms & Conditions of Bank Islam and Harimau Malaya FB contest.
Visit Bank Islam website for more information.

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